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This downloadable Character Persona Template can be opened immediately with Powerpoint or Google Slides and will help you visualize your characters, bringing them to life faster than mere words on a page, so that you can write the best stories possible for your Ideal Reader.


What is a Character Persona? It’s a slide or sheet that consolidates valuable details into a fake personal profile.


This downloadable Character Persona includes:


  • A stock photo

  • Demographic data (age, gender, location, income, etc.)

  • A quote that sums up their personality and purpose

  • Insights into their physicality, background, education

  • Links to videos or audio of similar character archetypes from movies, podcasts, or TV


The purpose of your Character Persona is to help you visualize a character in the flesh, spend time getting to know them outside of the encapsulated incidents of the book, and keep track of details you might forget or misremember as you're writing.


I find Character Personas are more than just helpful when writing a series — they’re a required part of my Series Bible! 


If you’re working on a story with a developmental editor or ghostwriter, or if you’re sharing your book with an audiobook narrator or scriptwriter for translation to podcast or the big screen, Character Personas are a MUST!



How to use this Ideal Reader Template:


  • RESEARCH your characters. Think of books, movies, television series, and podcasts with characters that remind you of this person. Think of the quirks that make them unique and lovable (or if they're a villian or anti-hero, hateable!), and include them here.
  • REPLACE the information. Remove the sample images and text and replace with ones that are best for YOUR character. I mean it! Don't just change a few of the words and call it a day. This is about getting to know your characters and building empathy for them. This is the person you are going to be spending days, weeks, months, maybe even years with, so treat them like REAL people, not cardboard cutouts!
  • REVISE as needed. This is a living document. That means you will learn more about your readers as you write and edit your story. Update this document as you go to get the most out of it.


This template is only as valuable as you make it, so treat it like your stories, and HAVE FUN!


What others are saying:


"This document is perfect -- everything I could have hoped for!"

- Jenn Lee, Audiobook Narrator



Character Persona Template

  • Your file will be available to download once payment is confirmed and can be opened in Powerpoint or Google Slides.

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