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The Spite Lane Hauntings

A monthly middle-grade mystery series 

Fans of Goosebumps and Stranger Things, get ready for the babysitting job of your dreams -- er, nightmares!

Join Mabel, Archer, Suki, and Fernanda as they battle demonic toys, possessed wallpaper, haunted closets, and more in this exciting new middle grade series from the twisted mind of Christiane Erwin!

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Jude's Diary

Gone Girl meets Mean Girls in this contemporary thriller with an unreliable narrator, steamy Sapphic romance, witchy beach vibes, and a supernatural twist!

It's dark academia for mature audiences that leaves you guessing who and what to believe. You won’t be able to put it down!

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A girls' trip to an empty beach resort is the perfect opportunity for revenge in this campy 90's horror thriller

Standing out on the balcony, it was hard for Mandy to see. The porch light behind her pulsed erratically. On, off, on, off.


A flicker ten floors down caught her eye. She squinted, noticing strange movement under the crystal blue, chlorinated water. She pushed her glasses up against her brow but couldn’t be sure what she saw. It might have been a person -- but wasn’t the property supposed to be unoccupied?

Behind her, the sliding glass door squeaked open....

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