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Stormy Skies

Now available
Jude's Diary

A YA thriller with a supernatural twist that readers are calling "startling," "provocative," and "wildly unpredictable."

You won't be able to put it down!

The Lost Key Experience 

Join Christiane on an immersive journey into the world of Lost Key, a thin strip of sand just off the coast of the Florida panhandle where mysterious and disturbing things keep happening to the students of Westerling High... 

Thrills, chills,
gore and more!


Have you heard about the strange things happening to the students at Westerling High? Pay no mind to the rumors about what's hiding just below the dark waters of the Gulf. 

Instead, take a trip to Lost Key where you'll meet Alissa, Jude, Mandy, Brenda, and other Westerling students and see for yourself. That is... if you're not too scared....

Private retreats on the beach that inspired Lost Key

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Are you a writer or aspiring author? Join Christiane for a 5-day writer's retreat with dedicated writing time, personalized critiques, workshops and more.


Or plan your own private getaway on the island that inspired the fictional town of Lost Key. You'll have direct access to the beach, pools, hot tub, and private gym.

Online classes and workshops

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Become part of a vibrant community of folks that love to read and write YA, New Adult, and spec thrillers and horror!


Get access to how-to's, classes, and discussions, both live and on Discord.

Meet others with the same taste in literature, movies and pop culture as you. 

Coming soon
Stormy Skies

Don't go in the water...

Read an excerpt from the short story,  "The Lost Key Book Club" about the incident that started it all in 1993:

Standing out on the balcony, it was hard for Mandy to see. The porch light behind her pulsed erratically. On, off, on, off. It hurt her eyes.


A flicker ten floors down caught her eye. She squinted, noticing strange movement under the crystal blue, chlorinated water. She pushed her glasses up against her brow, but couldn’t be sure what she saw. It might have been a person -- but wasn’t the property supposed to be unoccupied?

Behind her, the sliding glass door squeaked open.

“Get in here, biotch!" Heather slurred, her tongue thick. She was wasted. "We’re gonna go downstairs and meet Marc. He’s got more booze and smokes!”


Mandy glanced at the pool one more time -- nothing there after all -- and reluctantly followed Heather inside.

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